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Mom Water & Dad Water

Mom Water and Dad Water bring a unique twist to your favorite spirits. Mom Water infuses vodka with real fruit, while Dad Water elevates tequila with the essence of fresh fruit. These craft canned cocktails embody the perfect balance of flavor and fun, with no added sugars or artificial flavors. Whether you're sipping poolside or at a backyard barbecue, Mom Water and Dad Water provide a refreshing and authentic taste of the good times.

When Mom Water and Dad Water approached Sunny Collabs, they had already made a splash in retail locations like Target, Total Wine, Whole Foods, and Publix. However, they needed content that would not only complement their in-store presence but also captivate online audiences. Sunny Collabs took on the challenge by orchestrating a content creation project that would make their brand shine.

We assembled a team of ten models, scouted a stunning house property, and executed a seamless three-hour shoot that resulted in four professional videos, over 50 high-quality photos, and engaging content concepts. From capturing the excitement of award show season to the anticipation of the Super Bowl, and even the love story of Valentine’s Dayl, Sunny Collabs brought creativity and professionalism to every aspect of the project. Our content was designed to be the kind that stops the scroll, drawing viewers into the vibrant world of Mom Water and Dad Water and inspiring them to join the flavorful fun.

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