Miniluxe is more than a beauty brand; it's a philosophy that seeks to redefine self-care and pampering. With a vision deeply rooted in the belief that luxury should be accessible to all, Miniluxe crafts an experience that transcends the traditional nail salon visit. Meticulously designed spaces, an unwavering commitment to hygiene, and a dedication to high-quality, non-toxic products are the cornerstones of Miniluxe's approach. With every visit, patrons are invited into a world where beauty meets wellness, where self-care isn't just a luxury but an essential part of a balanced lifestyle. Miniluxe's mission is to empower individuals to look and feel their best while setting new standards of excellence in the beauty industry.

When Miniluxe expanded its presence to Tampa's vibrant Water Street, they recognized the need for a powerful launch that would make a lasting impact. Partnering with their PR agency of record, we orchestrated an influencer event that brought together 25 of Tampa's top influencers and content creators. These influencers experienced Miniluxe's premium services and, in return, shared captivating content that showcased the brand's essence. 

This strategic collaboration not only generated over 100,000 views for Miniluxe's new location but also resulted in the creation of a dynamic 30-second highlight video. This video now serves as the brand's go-to advertising asset whenever they venture into new markets, solidifying Miniluxe's reputation as a pioneer in elevating everyday beauty and wellness experiences.

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