Gianco Companies

The Gianco Companies are the masterminds behind extraordinary working and gathering spaces, including Hyde House, Hyde House Heights, Station House, Public Studio, and more. With a vision to create environments that inspire innovation and collaboration, the Gianco Companies have revolutionized the concept of co-working and creative studios.

Our partnership with the Gianco Companies commenced with a mission to translate the magic of their spaces into captivating content. We embarked on a journey of creating cinematic short-form videos that not only showcase their diverse locations but also establish a deep connection with individuals seeking collaborative workspaces and artistic studios. Since the inception of our collaboration in August 2021, we've been consistently producing eight videos each month, allowing for a steady stream of two weekly posts.

In addition to our content creation efforts, we took the lead in organizing the inaugural "Creators Gone Public" event. This groundbreaking event saw a rapid sell-out within 24 hours, attracting over 100 of Tampa Bay's finest local creators, photographers, and videographers. It's an exciting journey of transforming spaces into thriving communities, and we are thrilled to be part of the Gianco Companies' vision.

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